Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Using Topic, Main Idea, and Details to Write - Section 5: Independent Practice


One very important aspect of teaching is taking a moment and looking back and reflecting on your teaching.  For instance, take this lesson.  

For the most part it was a successful lesson in that nearly all of my students were able to identify the topic, main idea, and details from the section of the text we read.  They were also all able to write a brief summary of what the first chapter of the text was about with a few details.

However, nearly all of the journals said pretty much the same thing.  About the only difference was neatness and picture quality.  The more proficient students added a little more detail.  This can mean anything from the students all copied off each other to the teacher modeling too much to the rigor of the text being too low.  After looking back over my personal reflection notes, I noted that the section of the text they were writing about was a short piece, with limited information.  Also all my students wrote on the same topic, using a journal prompt.  

Yes, I babied them in this lesson.  What I can do in the future to help students gain confidence and independence is to use more open ended journal prompts, and using more grade appropriate reading texts.

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Using Topic, Main Idea, and Details to Write

Unit 9: Topic, Main Idea, Details
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify the topic, main idea and supporting details of a text and fill out a graphic organizer, which they will use to write a text summary.

Big Idea: Graphic Organizers are the tools that help students understand and summarize a text.

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