Reflection: Intervention and Extension Getting Down With Humpty Dumpty - Section 2: Procedure


An extension activity for Humpty Dumpty is to have the children make a paper plate character. What you will need is a paper plate and four strips of colored paper.  Begin by drawing a line dividing the plate in two.  The top half is for Humpty Dumpty's face, and the bottom half is for his pants.  Glue a paper strip to each side of the mid-line for arms.  For the legs, accordian fold the paper strips (about six folds).  Write an -all family word in each section of each leg except for the tops of the legs that will be glued to the body.  

The reason that I like to do a project to help children memorize the rhyme and learn the word family is because projects tend to get displayed at home, so the children can continue to practice their academic skills.  When the work sent home is on a worksheet, the parents usually do not display it.  The more times the child is exposed the words, the more fluent he/she will become in reading them. 

  Intervention and Extension: Another Activity
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Getting Down With Humpty Dumpty

Unit 3: Nursery Rhymes Revisited
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Objective: SWBAT identify rhyming words in a nursery rhyme. Student Objective: I can rhyme words in the -all word family.

Big Idea: Using the rhyming words in Humpty Dumpty is a great way to introduce the words family -all.

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