Reflection: High Expectations Assessment: Comparison of Bono, Antony, and J.K. Rowling - Section 3: Reflections


I am trying a somewhat new method here for this unit of study.  Rather than paraphrasing every line of Julius Caesar, I have scoped out key moments in the play and have asked the students to consider the rhetoric at play.  I made this choice because I wanted to address the standard on rhetoric (RI.9-10.6) and because I know that a line-by-line paraphrase of the entire play is of little literary value because we often get mired in the minutia instead of discussing the text at a higher level.  It's all a matter of balance, and I think the gambit here paid off: it seems that the students gained from their exposure to Shakespeare's language, and they were able to comment on Antony's speech at a high level of analysis.  That said, I do think that this standard (RI.9-10.6) is a high mark for freshmen, so I plan on this unit being an introduction with greater mastery coming at the end of grade 10. 

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Assessment: Comparison of Bono, Antony, and J.K. Rowling

Unit 11: Analyzing Rhetoric in Julius Caesar and Contemporary Speeches
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Objective: SWBAT display their mastery of rhetorical approaches by analyzing Antony's speech and comparing it to two modern speeches on a test.

Big Idea: Students compare rhetoric in Shakespeare to rhetoric in contemporary sources.

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