Reflection: Intervention and Extension Using Topic, Main Idea, and Details to Write - Section 4: Collaborative Activity


The connections to the CCR and CCSS through this lesson were students were required to determine central ideas of a text and summarize the key supporting details in a paragraph.

One thing I noticed about today’s work is that my students are still having difficulty understanding what the main idea is, or describing it.  Having them re-read the title and the first sentence helps them because usually the main idea is stated right in the beginning.  Practicing identifying the main idea in the smaller reading groups helped my students understand this concept.  Usually in the small differentiated reading groups we are working phonemic awareness, decoding, and blending; however, as the students gain more foundational reading experiences, comprehension skills - such as identifying the main idea - can be added.

Also, I want to mention that, yes, I do tape things to the Promethean board.  It is not easy for my students to write on it because even though it is set as low as it can get, it is still too high for most of my students to write.  By giving them strips of paper they can still write their answers and have the interaction of coming to the front of the class to add their work.  Blue painter’s tape is a less sticky tape that comes off easily - besides you are not pressing it hard, just stick it up.

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Using Topic, Main Idea, and Details to Write

Unit 9: Topic, Main Idea, Details
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT identify the topic, main idea and supporting details of a text and fill out a graphic organizer, which they will use to write a text summary.

Big Idea: Graphic Organizers are the tools that help students understand and summarize a text.

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