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Using a letter for students to request a topic is a great way to assess their writing skills without making them feel like they are being tested. They are intrinsically motivated because they really want me to choose their first topic request. They know that they will have to submit a very well thoughtout and neatly written letter. They have a authentic audience even though it is the teacher. I can then use the letter to check students background knowledge on Vietnam and experiences they've had in other countries. I can also check their writing skills and identify general writing concepts they are still having difficulty with such as topic sentences, details, conventions, spelling, word choice, grammar, etc. I will then use what I've learn to guide my small group and individual instruction.

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Writing a Request Letter to Brainstorm Ideas

Unit 3: World Culture Research Project
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Objective: SWBAT use a letter format and three body paragraphs to request a topic to research.

Big Idea: Students develop engagement as they consider topics to research and use formal writing to request a specific topic.

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