Reflection: Lesson Planning Defining Credible Sources For Research - Section 2: Guided Practice: Defining A Credible Source


This is a new lesson for me based on the objectives in the Common Core. In the past I had students make their own decisions about what was a credible source and what was not. I figured eighth graders were able to determine what web-sites they should and should not use. They can only take themselves so far. After taking apart the Common Core, one of their standards specifically mentions determining credibility of sources. I tie in web-sites since my students are so wired in to their computers 24/7.

By breaking down the Common Core step by step, I am able to see exactly what objectives my students will need as the prepare for the challenges of high-school, college, and the work force. Students need to be aware that when they research that can't blindly use the resources they find. If students can determine what a credible source and exactly how to figure that out, they will learn exactly what research is.

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Defining Credible Sources For Research

Unit 5: Research Paper: Influential Lives Part I
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT define and analyze credible sources.

Big Idea: Google may not be your best friend.

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