Reflection: Lesson Planning High School Transcript Analysis - Section 4: Building Argument Through Biases and Emotions


The biggest thing I learned today is that I should do this activity at the beginning of the year when I first introduce rhetorical analysis (at the very least, I should have done this after the first lesson of this unit--it would have contextualized the information better).  This was the most common comment from students as they talked about the process--they wish they had done this at the beginning of the year, in part to select classes and activities that aren't necessarily to show they are "well-rounded."  Given this, I plan to use these first couple chapters of the book as part of the introduction to rhetoric unit--I think this real-life activity will also help them understand the idea of appeals and rhetorical analysis earlier in the semester.

  Lesson Planning: Revelations
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High School Transcript Analysis

Unit 15: Writing the College Essay
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use their knowledge of rhetorical analysis to analyze their own transcripts to understand what their audience might see about them through the evidence.

Big Idea: Objective analysis of your own work can help determine the next steps for writing.

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College Prep, English / Language Arts, evidence, rhetorical analysis, college essay, essay
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