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As anticipated, the students were kind of silly today since it field day was to occur later in the afternoon, so the writing was not particularly strong, but the sharing was a lot of fun.  It was one of those days that sharing and allowing some silliness made sense--I found it impossible to fight the nature of the day (I know some teachers try to do quizzes and things like that to calm the class, but I've always seen these days as an opportunity for class bonding).  However, one important aspect from a teaching perspective was reading the final essay in the Bauld book where the students starts by saying how much thinking happens in the bathroom.  It is a great piece of writing, and we had a good conversation about how it was edgy, but not so much so as to be potentially offensive.  Additionally, we talked about the fact that doing these different types of activities really help find what types of topics and voices you are good at--that some people have an affinity for humor like this, and for others (like me!) it tends to come out forced or a little cynical--not good tones for a college essay.  So, this turned out to be a valuable lesson for students, I think, as they decide on topics--discover your strengths and write from that point!

  Finding Voice
  Student Ownership: Finding Voice
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Free-Writing as Pre-writing

Unit 15: Writing the College Essay
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use free-writing activities to generate ideas for writing topics and entry into their college essays

Big Idea: Sometimes the best writing ideas come from fooling around with words.

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