Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines The Egg Sac: The Life Cycle of a Spider - Section 6: Responding To Literature: How Are The Characters Changing?


How did my students do with their writing? 

First, most of my students chose Charlotte or Wilbur. A few chose Templeton. It's not a surprise that this would happen because these are the characters that are the most popular and intriguing.

Let's look at the piece How is Charlotte Changing? 5. What does she concentrate on? While I appreciate her details about Charlotte, she misses the point of how Charlotte is changing. In terms of her progress in the class, I am happy to see writing that focuses on what the text is stating. And, I am curious what prompted her to write about how Charlotte can produce several kinds of threads.

Next, the piece, How is Charlotte Changing? 6, gets the gist of the task. She starts by stating how Charlotte is shrinking, which I applaud her for noticing. She proceeds to listing other ways she is changing and explains that she is changing because she is getting older.

Last, the writing piece on How Is Wilbur Changing? 4 lists ways in which Wilbur has changed. He was little; now he is bigger. He wasn't famous; now he is. He was not fat; now he is. So he mostly spends time listing his physical attributes. I do understand why this would be his focus because we don't really see Wilbur's full emotional growth until a few chapters later. I'll want to check in with this student then to ensure that the student is seeing this deeper level of character growth.

Most of the other students focused on the physical growth of the characters, as well. One writer did mentioned how Charlotte is now a mother. I will continue to discuss emotional growth versus physical growth to help students understand the concept.

  Writing Across the Disciplines: How Are the Characters Changing?
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The Egg Sac: The Life Cycle of a Spider

Unit 5: Charlotte's Web: A Chapter Book Study
Lesson 23 of 27

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions about key details in an informational text and in a literary text.

Big Idea: Spiders have their life cycles too. In producing an egg sac, Charlotte's days are numbered.

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