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Regardless of students' prior experiences with station rotation, the payoff of planning ahead is too significant to ignore.  Stations take a small amount of additional time to plan for but the rewards are numerous, including variety for the students, organizational skill development, social development, not to mention the excitement a change of routine can lend to the actual math!  

Even though I move my students around frequently, I still make it a habit to review the expectations for centers/stations prior to beginning any cycle.  I also usually have at least one group model how to transition appropriately, as this sets the tone for an orderly change from one group to another.

Finally, I make certain that students know that while my attention is devoted to the children with me at the Teacher Table, that does not mean that off-task behavior will go unnoticed.  I am capable of standing up and moving across the room very quickly and make sure to demonstrate that when they least expect it.

  Planning for Centers/Stations
  Station Rotation: Planning for Centers/Stations
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Subtraction - Equal Change- Stations (1)

Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT explain and use the equal change algorithm to solve 3 digit subtraction problems.

Big Idea: Alternative algorithms open up doors to productive alternative thinking.

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