Reflection: Relevance Miss Muffet, What is a Tuffet? - Section 2: Procedure


The Common Core focuses more attention on the answers that children can gather from the text, but in the area of early childhood education, there needs to be a balance.  At five years old, most kindergarten students have not had enough life experiences to apply and understand the material from the text.  It is my job to provide them with experiences and to call upon their own experiences to build their foundations.  When I ask lots of questions, it causes my students to think and reflect.  I like them to share with their classmates from their experiences because it enriches everyone's learning.  I want to know what frightens my students, and I don't mind letting them learn about what frightens me.  This strengthens the group and builds a level of trust.  What the children say about how a story or rhymes effects them is relevant to their learning.

  I take this personally!
  Relevance: I take this personally!
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Miss Muffet, What is a Tuffet?

Unit 3: Nursery Rhymes Revisited
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Objective: SWBAT identify familiar items and retell key events from the text. Student Objective: I can describe familiar things about Miss Muffet and tell her rhyme.

Big Idea: How many children can relate to being frightened by a spider--EEEK!

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