Reflection: Building Reading Endurance: Looking Around and Annotating - Section 4: Closure


Wow.  This process is frustrating.  Many students rated themselves 3s on "looking around" the text but 1s and a few 2s on Annotating the text.  I didn't ask students to give me an explanation and I should have.  I didn't have an opportunity to ask them about their numbers until the next class period.  The next day, I asked them why they rated Annotating the Text a 1 and most of the students said it was because it took so long to do.  This year, I will have to convince them that closely annotating and reading a text -- any text -- is a time-consuming process -- but is very rewarding at the end.

  Building endurance is a frustrating process
  Building endurance is a frustrating process
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Building Reading Endurance: Looking Around and Annotating

Unit 1: Setting the tone for a great year
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT practice close reading skills of a text by "looking around the text" and annotating the text.

Big Idea: How do we build reading endurance?

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