Reflection: Joy Final Exam: Selected Response and Open Response Analysis and Writing - Section 3: Reflection on the Year


To reflect on the year, I thought that having to produce five lessons for video was a positive experience.  It made me think of how the students were seeing the class, and I even had the chance to play one of the videos for the class as a means of reflecting on our own norms.  The personalities involved in this class made it fun for me, and aiming for a higher level of achievement due to the Common Core made it a challenging and fun assignment for me. 

As to pacing... I realize that a couple of my units have ended abruptly: this one, the writing about art, and the third unit of Afghanistan (Ghosts of Afghanistan).  Ideally, each unit would have an additional week of flex  time, but I put a bit of pressure on myself to keep things moving and moving hard this year.  I was conscious of trying to make every day a sort of grand slam.  In an accel class, this pace would be fine.  For the bulk of my freshmen reading at grade level, it was a push, but they made it; for students 1-2 grade levels below (I had a couple of them), the pace was probably too quick.  These comment raise the opportunity for greater differentiation, a technique which I have emphasized much more greatly in certain years.  

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Final Exam: Selected Response and Open Response Analysis and Writing

Unit 12: Reading Unbound: Using a Choice Text to Assess Yearlong Reading and to Explore Intertextual Connections
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT display hard-earned semester long knowledge as they answer questions in both selected response and open response formats.

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