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There are so many different personalities that come into your classroom - and then there are not.  I always have a student who is glued to my side, a student who is extremely shy, a student with anger issues, a student who doesn't want to do their work, a student who follows the rules, a student who breaks rules, and students who cannot do things without asking me about it.  It is this last one I am thinking about now.  This student, you will find, will always ask questions such as, "Is this enough writing? How many paragraphs do you want?"  They don't trust their own choices and typically are one of the best students in my class.  My goal for this child is to get them to believe in their own work.  I praise specifics within their work, and include their work as classroom examples.  Once or twice I've been know to say, "What do you think?" and/or "I am leaving it up to you."  Because this is typically a student with low self-esteem I build them up to be prepared for this challenge, and I don't leave them hanging if they are too stressed by my gentle push toward independence.

This can also be a conditioned response. They may have someone in their life who has always had them check in with before they can say they are done with their work.  So it is important to share the praise (real praise - for real work) with family as well, and to let caregivers know that we are asking students to take ownership of their learning. My goal is to create lifelong learners and for students to always do their personal best.  

  Motivation - My Job or Theirs?
  Intrinsic Motivation: Motivation - My Job or Theirs?
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Creating Fraction Bars for Visual Math

Unit 8: Fractions
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: The students will be able to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators by replacing the fractions with equivalent fractions so as to produce an equivalent sum.

Big Idea: Students love playing games adding and subtracting fractions!

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