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A lesson like this requires that I'm very flexible in my approach and in how I listen because while there are certain paths that seem obvious to me, children find many different ways to reason through this algorithm.

I encourage flexible thinking in my students when we discuss how it's helpful learn alternative approaches. I explain that I'm teaching this method because I have seen in the past how it helps students develop a deeper understanding of addition and regrouping. 

My job as a teacher is to make sure they have enough information to make the choice, and that they give new methods a chance.  Once they have had enough practice with this method to achieve reasonable proficiency, they can choose their preferred way to solve any given equation.

  Providing Alternatives
  Flexibility: Providing Alternatives
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Everyone Try It! (Equal & Opposite Change)

Unit 2: Addition and Subtraction
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use and explain the equal and opposite change algorithm with 2 & 3 digit addition. They will express an opinion about this method.

Big Idea: Don't be afraid to teach struggling students an alternative method; sometimes it can provide a breakthrough!

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