Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Final Project: Script Writing (Day 1 of 3) - Section 2: Writing Scripts


The students seemed to really enjoy writing their scripts.  I did not have to help focus them at all, but I concentrated on driving questions into the issue of subtext: how are you bringing out the hidden feelings and motives? What are they?  How are you evoking the scene here?  What types of visuals will help you accentuate this tomorrow?

In this script for The Hobbit, the students get a little carried away with some humor evoked in the movie about the dwarves; this type of humor reveals a subtle approach to the characters, even though it is not really a focus of the book.  This is just an excerpt: the whole script is much longer!  

  Writing Across the Disciplines: Student Writing
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Final Project: Script Writing (Day 1 of 3)

Unit 12: Reading Unbound: Using a Choice Text to Assess Yearlong Reading and to Explore Intertextual Connections
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT adapt a key scene or missing chapter to a self-generated video production by writing a script of their original scene.

Big Idea: Producing a video of a key novel scene reveals the book in new ways!

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