Reflection: Lesson Planning Close Reading: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson Day 2 - Section 3: Shifting Appeals


The students did a nice job today of recognizing the variety of rhetorical appeals going on in this piece, with two or three students discussing how she develops credibility and logos through the use of historical and scientific information, while maintaining a particular tone that is direct but still follows the emotions of the fable.  It was great to see these student bring this up in their small groups without my prompting, and I asked them as they were talking to bring these points up during the group discussion—so it comes up more naturally so the whole class could engage in the discussion.  From an organizational point of view, the small group discussions have been fantastic for doing formative assessment in this class without having to take the time to do something formal—providing specific tasks and a process for the groups earlier in the year really trained the students to fall into that academic discourse on their own now—it has been great to see that growth in their ability to carry on academic discourse in a meaningful way without much guidance.  

  Growth in Academic Discourse
  Lesson Planning: Growth in Academic Discourse
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Close Reading: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson Day 2

Unit 12: Rhetorical Review: Politics and the Environment
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT to recognize the power of rhetorical appeals in a text, as well as shifts in appeals, through a close reading of the first two sections of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring.

Big Idea: Strong rhetorical appeal in introductory sections of a text can draw a mass audience into an academic, sophisticated conversation.

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