Reflection: Checks for Understanding Writing On-Demand Informational Essay on Author's Claim and Evidence in "Why We Keep Losing Our Keys” - Section 1: Activator


Some of my students answers were pretty close to the definition I was hoping they would know but many others were not sure and gave answers that reflected their confusion.  I realized that I should never assume they understand something because I "said it."  Review is essential especially for information that acts as a foundation to their understanding and level of motivation to learn.

Sample students answers:

  • A standard is a way to act
  • Something you want us to learn
  • The work you give us
  • Information we need to know to pass the MCAS
  • What teachers have to teach
  • I don't know...

  Checks for Understanding: Standards
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Writing On-Demand Informational Essay on Author's Claim and Evidence in "Why We Keep Losing Our Keys”

Unit 14: Narrative Writing
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT write a clear, complete, and accurate explanation of the techniques used to improve your memory by writing an informational essay which includes relevant and specific information from the article “Why We Keep Losing Our Keys”

Big Idea: Comprehension of Informational Text mixed with some background information on the Common Core State Standards.

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