Reflection: Lesson Planning BUILDING DAY! - Section 3: Wrap Up & Celebration


Although a month long project may seem overwhelming, it actually was much easier than preparing lesson that are unconnected and not engaging to students.  The entire time we were writing, reading, working through math skills, planning, and preparing, the students had a real task to accomplish, which created a motivation I have not seen before. 

Working with the community, aligning all of the day's work to one singular outcome, and building on each day's work, gave the children a "need to know" feeling.  All of their learning came from them deciding what they needed to know and exactly when they needed to know it.  All I had to do was supply the time for them to find their answers and guide them in their search.

If you are thinking of a big project, the kind of learning you would have wanted when you were in school, do it.  It takes a little outlining of steps, an ability to ask for volunteers when you need them, and a classroom of curious children. 

  A Real Life Cross-Curricular Lesson
  Lesson Planning: A Real Life Cross-Curricular Lesson
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Unit 11: Going Batty Over Measurement and Geometry
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Objective: Students will be able to consolidate all of their measurement and geometry skills by assembling a bat house for the community.

Big Idea: This lesson is the culmination of a month's worth of work in reading, writing, science, social studies, and math. The children used all of their math skills to arrive at the point of assembling a bat house for their immediate community.

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Math, Measurement, Geometry, Measurement and Methods, division, multiplication, equal interval, Rich Task, celebration of math, shapes
  80 minutes
bat house
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