Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Close Reading: Henry David Thoreau "Economy" - Section 2: Text Rendering Protocol


While talking about the connections between this text and Nickel and Dimed and the quote “there are nowadays professors of philosophy, but not philosophers.  Yet it is admirable to profess because it was once admirable to live” a student related this back to our work with Shop Class as Soulcraft earlier in the year, which was a great connection.  In particular, she talked about Matthew B. Crawford’s assertion that theoretical knowledge has displaced hands-on knowledge in our schools.  This led to a cool discussion of what Thoreau means in differentiating professors of philosophy with philosophers—in a way suggesting that philosophers in his mind don’t just think, but they try out their theories.  This was a great connection I hadn’t anticipated, but I ran with it to acknowledge the out of box thinking and in fact to emphasize it as a model for strong discourse and analysis.  Of course, next time I will add the Crawford text into the prompt to further that discussion and help students learn how to make those sorts of connections in a more formal way.

  Strong Connections to Texts
  Student Led Inquiry: Strong Connections to Texts
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Close Reading: Henry David Thoreau "Economy"

Unit 10: Deepening Rhetorical Analysis
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT establish the central idea of a complex nineteenth century text and relate it to the modern world.

Big Idea: Classic texts come alive when you relate them to the modern world.

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