Reflection: Checks for Understanding Lights, Camera, Action... Book! Selecting Books for Book-to-Movie Project - Section 3: First Impressions Writing


I am including four separate student writings here for you to peruse.  The point of this initial writing is to facilitate students getting onto the plane or bus that is the journey presented in the book.  So often, there is a barrier to comprehension early in a story, and some students can be left out, never having accessed the story world.  As such, I look for two things in an initial prompt like this: is the affective domain of the student writing showing an interest in understanding the storyworld? and does the student seem to understand the "rules" that exist in this storyworld and how those rules are at odds with the main character's interests.


I asked:

"What counts in your storyworld, and how is your main character faring?"  I have no idea why I used the arcane term, "faring," but it seemed to create a wide berth for students to write about characters who are already actively engaged in some kind of search of journey and also to write about characters who are just awakening to their situation.  


Four separate students wrote: 

for Student responses to entering the storyworld in The Great Gatsby and City of Bones the students seemed to access the ideas of social class and fantasy/vampires that seem to dominate the two respective books. 


for student responses to entering the story world in The Help and Insurgent, the students seemed to understand the issues of race and dystopia that colored the worlds described. 


I think:

that the students in these four excerpts are doing very well in addressing their storyworlds. However, I made a short list of a few students for whom making this leap--either affectively or cognitively--might be a challenge, and I plan to follow up with them on future exit slips.

  Checks for Understanding: Students Write about Entering the Story World
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Lights, Camera, Action... Book! Selecting Books for Book-to-Movie Project

Unit 12: Reading Unbound: Using a Choice Text to Assess Yearlong Reading and to Explore Intertextual Connections
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT select a choice novel and begin to read it independently or in groups by browsing, perusing, and committing to a text selection.

Big Idea: Students grapple with text complexity in the library.

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