Reflection: Sam the Turkey: Exploring the Number 16 - Section 4: Independent Practice and Informal Assessment


In each of my lessons, there are several quality tasks that are taking place.  I would not be able to cover all of this material if there were not expectations and responsibilities that my students assume. 

If you watch the video included in the Direct Instruction portion of this lesson, you will note that my students know exactly what they need to do for Turn and Talk time.  This did not happen in one sitting.  I modeled on several occasions what I want Turn and Talk to look like.  I had them practice it multiple times.  Whenever I feel like the students are falling out of the routines, I "remodel" the desired behavior on "Model Mondays".  Every Monday, I model a behavior for the students to reinforce what I want to have happen in the classroom.  For example, if we are having difficulty lining up, I model the correct way to line up and have them practice it.  This helps to anchor the desired behavior.

For this lesson, the students worked with color words.  Without me saying a word, the students got up quietly and retrieved our "color strips" to help them read the color words.  When they were done with the independent practice and I had checked their work, they took all of their work for the day out of their mailbox and put it in the folders (again, without being told). This set expectations and constant routines pay off in more instructional time for my students.

I encourage teachers new to the profession to really focus in on the routines and expectations that veteran teachers have established that results in classrooms that are extremely efficient.  Make note of these routines and put them in your toolbox.  The more you are able to establish expectations in the classroom, the more successful your students (and in turn, you) will be. 

  Sam the Turkey-Exploring the Number 16
  Sam the Turkey-Exploring the Number 16
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Sam the Turkey: Exploring the Number 16

Unit 3: Exploring Numbers 11-20
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: Students will be able to identify, count and represent the number 16.

Big Idea: This holiday-themed lesson allows students to explore the number 16 while reinforcing colors and color words.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, SIOP, ELL, Critical Area, counting, Number Sense
  45 minutes
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