Reflection: Backwards Planning I Know Why I Like Pie - Section 3: Assessment


After teaching this lesson, I need to to rethink how I would do my assessment for next time.  My original plan had the children coloring, cutting and assembling a booklet in the correct order. Which is a fine activity to support part of what I taught. However, the the lesson was about comparing and contrasting two nursery rhymes, so it really didn't hit the mark as far as an assessment.  What I have put together for the lesson is a comparison/contrast sheet of Little Jack Horner and Sing a Song of Sixpence that asks for the characters and setting.

 The little booklet can now be an extension activity. You have a Itsy Bitsy Book of Sing a Song of Six Pence of your own to assembly.  I would like to see you color and cut out this booklet; then  put it in the correct order.   I will be looking to see how well you could follow along and show your understanding of the rhyme.

  Backwards Planning: Comparing the two rhymes
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I Know Why I Like Pie

Unit 3: Nursery Rhymes Revisited
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Objective: SWBAT to use a Venn Diagram to compare "Little Jack Horner" to "Sing a Song of Sixpence" Student Objective: I can tell how two nursery rhymes are the same or different.

Big Idea: Active, imaginative teaching with nursery rhymes takes advantage of how the brain learns best!

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