Reflection: Checks for Understanding Using evidences of P.B.I.S. to identify behaviors in bathrooms - Section 2: Warm-Up: Restroom Scenarios


So I thought that I could embed a mini grammar lesson into this lesson and boy was I wrong! The lesson focuses on rules and expectations for bathroom usage. Because students are viewing, reading, and writing throughout the lesson, grammar is an intricate part to understanding students' speech and written opinions about particular topics.

The recalling of grammar concepts was a great idea but my timing was horrible. It dawned on me during this call and response that these students hadn't done grammar in their previous school year. That was odd because CCSS was introduced last year and grammar is a huge component in its framework for curricular instruction. So to alleviate this problem, I had students just name the parts of speech they recognized in each scenario. To support this lack of grammar instruction, a pre-test will be given on all 8th grade concepts to provide a foundation on other grammar lessons to be taught throughout the school year.

  Grammar Reflection
  Checks for Understanding: Grammar Reflection
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Using evidences of P.B.I.S. to identify behaviors in bathrooms

Unit 1: First Week of School
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT learn and articulate PBIS expectations in the restroom.

Big Idea: Cite Bathroom Rules Correctly & Get a Free Pass out of Class!

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English / Language Arts, Grammar and Mechanics, expectations, organization
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