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A fun book report, but an intense one.  Three written components may seem like a lot, but the students are fully capable, and a complete picture of the novel needs all three sections, in my opinion.  The plot line is a skill in which they are well versed, and it should be a natural expression of the story.  The diary entries, the heart of the project, detail the story and indicate comprehension by the student.  The map is a nice social studies integration that ties the project together and gives the students a chance to express themselves with art. 

Costumes are great fun.  As 5th graders, they are at the end of elementary school, but enjoy dress up as much as the younger kids.  The costumes truly enhance the presentation.

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Historical Fiction Book Report

Unit 7: Reports for Many Genres
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: TSWBAT show their understanding of the historical fiction novel through the writing of diary entries.

Big Idea: Primary Resources are the most interesting kind!

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