Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Using evidences of P.B.I.S. to govern behaviors in the lunchroom - Section 4: Closure: Exit Ticket


What a FUN time I had with this lesson! Although I have always started my first day of school with my own classroom rules and expectations, having students interact with administrative expectations reinforces the culture of our school in establishing consistent safety and order throughout the building. I want to emphasize the diverse entry points that students have in this lesson to understand the rules of the cafeteria. The various mediums used in the lesson include a video, notes, and power point. No matter what students' preferences are, all learning styles have been included in this presentation. The understood points of struggle was with students completing the guided notes handout. Because the blanks in the handout can contain multiple words, the video and power point supports students lack of recalling information about the cafeteria.

I will definitely start the year off with this lesson in a similar format. Because our PBIS expectations for the lunchroom NEVER change, using a jigsaw activity or having students teach the class may be two instructional choices used next school year to get students more involved in learning about school-wide rules.

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Using evidences of P.B.I.S. to govern behaviors in the lunchroom

Unit 1: First Week of School
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT learn and articulate school-wide expectations in the cafeteria.

Big Idea: Ready to Eat! Then Cite these Expectations at your Seat!

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English / Language Arts, Grammar and Mechanics, expectations, organization
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