Reflection: Modeling Mail Carrier - Section 3: Writing Activity


In order for my students to be able to produce an informative paper, I need to do a lot of modeling.  I model the thinking process about what we already know about the Mail Carrier.  I have used KWL charts and I believe they have relevance, but I prefer to use the bubble map with my kindergarteners.  My students only have to pay attention to the bubbles on the map, not three different columns on the chart.  After I read the book, we discuss what we learned about the mail carrier.  I add the missing information to the map.  I like to use a sentence frame when writing with my kindergarteners.  Sentence frames are self explanatory, even to my kinders.  Sentence frames helps them with new vocabulary and sentence structure.  Eventually my students will be able to recall and write using familiar sentence frames. Combining the bubble map with the sentence frame makes our sentence writing sooooo easy.  My students feel so accomplished when they are finished with their writing when they have had the parts of the lesson modeled for them.

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Mail Carrier

Unit 11: Careers
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write an informative piece of writing based on a read aloud text.

Big Idea: We will read and discuss the career of a mail carrier then write an informative paper about a mail carrier.

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