Reflection: Modeling Teacher - Section 1: Warm Up


The more I model the thinking process behind the writing, the better prepared my students are to write.  In my class I do a lot of conversations about the subject and then about how to organize what we have learned to prepare for the writing.  Even though my overall goal is to write an informational text, I first need to teach my students how to think through the process.  I do this by using the Thinking maps.  The bubble map is the easiest map for my students to organize their thoughts and ideas about the subject.  We write everything down that we know about the subject and draw a bubble around it and link it to the subject's bubble.  My students love this.  The discussion around the bubble map help them with the thinking process.  Our conversation is really all of us "thinking out loud".  Moving to the sentence frame is easy when using the bubble map.  We just choose a bubble to write on the blank in the sentence frame.  How fun can informative sentences be?

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Unit 11: Careers
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Objective: SWBAT write an informative piece of writing based on a read aloud text..

Big Idea: We will read and discuss the career of a teacher in order to write an informative paper about a teacher.

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