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I often observed students getting dictionaries or asking neighbors how to spell a word. This indicated they were able to consult reference materials, as prescribed by CCSS. However, I reminded them that this was the drafting phase of the writing process. Editing for errors would come later. The ability to identify their own spelling errors demonstrated growth. At the beginning of the year, students would assume their invented spellings were correct.

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Biography: Drafting an Informative Essay

Unit 1: Biography Tea
Lesson 9 of 17

Objective: SWBAT use the writing process to write an informative essay that groups related information together by using brief notes.

Big Idea: Students have concluded five days of research. They gathered information from multiple print and digital sources about a famous person of their choosing. It is time to write the informative essay.

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English / Language Arts, drafting (Writing Process), biography, informative essay
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