Reflection: Checks for Understanding Students Answer Text Dependent Questions Using Article ʺWhy We Keep Losing Our Keys” - Section 3: Student Learning Activity


As illustrated in the clarifying questions video clip, my students may be working individually but they are always listening to what I have to say to each other and will speak up if they also have input.  So even though they might not be sitting next to a learning partner there's still an exchange of information.  I wonder if this is a third way in which students can work in a cooperative manner?  They choose to sit apart but do converse at times about the task and therefore can be helpful in achieving the objective.  One thing I've learned from this "grouping" is that with struggling learners,  flexibility is paramount.

  Clarifying Questions
  Checks for Understanding: Clarifying Questions
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Students Answer Text Dependent Questions Using Article ʺWhy We Keep Losing Our Keys”

Unit 14: Narrative Writing
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT determine the author‘s point of view or purpose in “Why We Keep Losing Our Keys” and analyze how the author uses rhetoric to advance that point of view or purpose by answering text dependent questions.

Big Idea: Students learn how memory strategies can help the brain with short term memory problems by answering TDQ's (text dependent questions) to identify author's purpose.

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