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Because it is the last written assignment of the year, I am giving students more independence. I am hoping to see the results of my writing curriculum. For this, I want to see how much they can do on their own. This started with my giving them total freedom in terms of selecting their topic. This doesn’t mean that I just assigned the writing task and left them work in total independence. My lesson planning has actually been including time during class for me to conference with students one-on-one, like today. However, I am largely focusing my help on larger aspects of writing, such as establishing significant claims, like I did today, and taking control of language. For other large writing assignments earlier in the school year, I collected first drafts, read them all and gave them all feedback sometimes followed by one-on-one conferences with every single students. Not this time. What I did provide for them has been guidelines, models, and opportunities to talk about their ideas. I have at least skimmed every single draft, which has dictated the type of guidance and mini lessons I have provided for them. This is a more hands-off approach to supporting their writing, but I have been working with this students long enough to hope that they will be able to come up with interesting things and that they will learn from this experience.

This is an example of a couple of changes a student made to the first and second paragraphs. I was happy to see that she added the last sentence to the second paragraph because that sentence has an interesting structure and communicates one significant aspect that drew her to this topic. I wish she would have left the sentence she deleted in the first paragraph and that she would have included more details about that, but I was happy to see that she was experimenting with syntax.

  Gradual Release: The Process of Drafting, Editing, and Preparing To Present An Original Speech/Talk
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Students Prepare To Deliver Their Speech/Talk

Unit 11: Speech/Talk
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT prepare to present their final speech/talk by doing some last minute editing, practice their delivery and signing up for a time slot.

Big Idea: This is the last day to fine-tune the final writing assignment of the year.

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