Reflection: Student Self-Assessment End Of Year Reading Reflection - Section 2: Direct Review Of Reflection Requirements


When students self-assess themselves, they really surprise me and themselves, sometimes for the good and yes, sometimes for the bad. It's important to do this so students can put into their own words what they have learned and how they have learned. It places the responsibility on the student and, by eighth grade, I think students need to learn that responsibility since they will not have their hands held throughout their entire education. In this case, when students self-assess themselves on their reading, they can be honest with themselves about what they have read and how they grew as readers. Students can put into words if what they have done is the best they can do. I know that many students grew in what they read and I know many students did not grow as best as they can, but when they can say it in their own words, they take more ownership of it.

  Student Self-Assessment: Self-Assessments
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End Of Year Reading Reflection

Unit 10: Independent Reading
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT reflect on their reading choices from the past year in order to determine growth as a reader.

Big Idea: Looking back on all those books: Are we satisfied with our reading?

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English / Language Arts, Reading, independent reading, text complexity, booktalk
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