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Although my students live in a low-income, urban area, the majority have access to the Internet at home. They were so motivated by this project that they would tell their families and look up their person. It was a perfect opportunity to involve them. I had sent home a letter about the project, so families were aware of what we were doing. They now knew about their child’s famous person, which was helpful when creating the costumes for the Biography Tea. Students were able to share resources they had found online, too. One child suggested we go to It proved to be an invaluable resource. It lists over 7,000 biographies and videos!

  Intrinsic Motivation: Projects for Motivation
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Biography: Taking Brief Notes from Digital Sources (Day 5)

Unit 1: Biography Tea
Lesson 8 of 17

Objective: SWBAT gather information from digital sources, take brief notes, and sort evidence into provided categories in a step book.

Big Idea: I took students to the computer lab where each had access to a laptop computer. I started the lesson by reminding students that researching involves gathering information from multiple sources.

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English / Language Arts, research report, biography, digital sources
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