Reflection: Student Ownership Revising for Logical Fallacies - Section 2: Examining Logical Fallacies


In the past when I've taught logical fallacies I've started with syllogisms to help students understand the basic principles of logic. Having not down this with this class I understand how important teaching syllogisms and basic logic can be when trying to understand logical fallacies.  I also understand that addressing these fallacies can often get to the core of some bad intellectual and studying habits students have formed and it's important to clearly address these issues before moving forward. 

In some ways I think I need to start the year out by teaching syllogisms, logic and logical fallacies before moving on to Anglo-Saxon poetry and literature.  In fact, students would probably understand literature a little better if they understood how illogical it can be. 


  Logical Fallacies
  Student Ownership: Logical Fallacies
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Revising for Logical Fallacies

Unit 3: Senior Argumentative Thesis
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT assist one another in revising out logical fallacies in their papers.

Big Idea: How can we identify and correct logical fallacies.

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