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Being able to compare and contrast something begins as a daunting task.  This is an important skill not only for upper grades for standardize tests and writing assessments, it is also an important "LIFE SKILL".  How often as adults do we go through the thinking process of comparing and contrasting?  I do it on a daily basis from making a simple lunch choice (high calorie and enjoying myself to low calorie and not having so much fun eating but not gaining any more weight.) to purchasing a new vehicle.  Through our class discussion and using the bubble maps, we are able to sort out our thoughts and ideas making our writing assignment fun and easy.  I try to be the facilitator of the discussion, the discussion might need prompting and guidance to stay on course but the information must come from the students.  This is a complex assignment with student lead inquiry.

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What did jImmy's Boa Eat? 2 of 2

Unit 3: Animal Adventures
Lesson 9 of 14

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast a fictional boa and a real boa then write a comparison paper to read to the class.

Big Idea: Using thinking maps we will identify characteristics about the two boas and write a comparison paper to read to the class.

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