Reflection: Student Ownership Publishing and Presenting our Stories - Section 3: Independent Learning


Ok - major guilt inflicted with this one! I gave additional time to their revisions and writing and cut back on their sharing of their stories. I had it in my plans to have them share with their Book Buddies in their kinder class and by putting all the stories in a bin to be read as students wanted through the semester.

Not good enough and they had valuable points - first of all they shared they had written with high effort and that their proud of their writing, secondly they want others to hear it and didn't feel that they would choose to read their stories over the new books in class, thirdly they didn't feel it was fair to move so quickly into the next writing unit but instead should have a "rest time" to just share and listen rather than write.

All valid reasons and ones that made me smile at their ownership of their writing and the pride they felt for putting in the effort to make it great. What it also made me realize is that I was not giving the Speaking and Listening standard enough of an importance in my unit because writing produced more assessed results. I added two sharing days (and I'm suggesting you do too) to give students a chance to increase the value they give to writing for an audience through getting feedback and praise for their work.      

  Why to add a presentation day
  Student Ownership: Why to add a presentation day
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Publishing and Presenting our Stories

Unit 5: Writing Narrative Stories to Entertain Your Readers
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Objective: SWBAT...finalize their stories while keeping audience in mind by publishing their narrative stories with a title/cover page, a dedication page, and an authors page that create interest for their targeted audiences.

Big Idea: Creating and sharing are the fun parts, but we need to keep in mind that we are doing these things for our audiences in addition to ourselves.

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