Reflection: Lesson Planning Evaluating Montag's Decisions and Behavior - Section 3: Discuss and Reevaluation


You can see from the original responses that many students argued that Montag was indeed a hero for acting against Beatty and saving Faber's life, but some thought he could have acted differently because killing the other firemen was too extreme. Students were able to speak eloquently about their opinions after reading today, I think, because of the way the class was set up. The first activity prepared them for this discussion. They understood how afraid Montag is and how desperate he is in these moments. Several referred to his desperation when evaluating his decision to frame Mr. Black. Others thought that he had just gone rogue and did not see it as heroic. There isn't really a right answer here. Both sides of the argument have valid points and I think that they were able to see that as we discussed because it was a positive conversation, where everyone listened to each other and responded with specifics from the text.

  Reevaluating Opinions
  Lesson Planning: Reevaluating Opinions
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Evaluating Montag's Decisions and Behavior

Unit 11: Fahrenheit 451: Burning Bright
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT analyze how complex characters develop over the course of a text by discussing Montag's behavior and determining whether he is a hero.

Big Idea: Is Montag a hero?

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