Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Mock Trial Preparation: Friar Lawrence stands trial for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet - Section 2: Mock Trial Group Work


In hindsight, I think I need to be a bit more organized for the group work portion of the lesson. If I teach this lesson again, I will have a streamlined packet developed with guiding information for each group so that they have more of an idea of what they need to have by the end of this lesson in order to be the most prepared for the actual trial. This could take the form of a list or templates for the different scripts of each person's role in the trial. I provided a couple of packets for each group, but I think each student needs his/her own cheat sheet with information specifically tailored to his/her role. I think this will also avoid loss of time due to confusion over what to work on first when students initially get into their groups.

  Organization of Group Work
  Adjustments to Practice: Organization of Group Work
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Mock Trial Preparation: Friar Lawrence stands trial for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

Unit 13: Crossing Boundaries: Romeo and Juliet
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate an understanding of the character motivations and theme by collecting evidence for a mock trial.

Big Idea: Working in differentiated groups to defend, prosecute, or research for the mock trial

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