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Some students are very shy or are really not sure what they should share. A few also miss the whole point of the discussion and are already thinking somewhere else (one of my students seems to always be blasting away at enemy starships). 

For the most part, many of them are very shy or are not confident enough to give so much detail to the conversation. (I also do this for the student that is flying the Millennium Falcon.)  While the others are busy discussing their strategy, I simply walk around the classroom keying in on these students. 

As I get close, I do not want them to feel that I am in their space as a behavior reason. I try to always give my attention to the student who is talking. I wait so that quickly between children, I can lean over and whisper to the quiet student, "you can share your strategy with me later." This might sound a bit negative, but what I have found is that it gives that student time to think and formulate their answer. Almost all of my students, like this one on one attention so they will come and ask to talk to me later about their strategy. This also gives them responsibility and they like the opportunity to get to come to me when they are ready.

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Reading Strategy: Cross Checking

Unit 1: Reading Strategies: Beginning of the Year
Lesson 11 of 15

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate and use the strategy of crosschecking to decode an unknown word while reading.

Big Idea: Using reading strategies together helps students learn that we often use more than one strategy at a time to decode unknown words. Crosschecking is a strategy where students use their use of sounds and meaning to determine if they are correct.

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