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    The combination of collaboration and project based learning is a recipe for student engagement and meaningful learning.  I find that I still need to remind students of rules, norms, and roles during teaming and I subtly remind students by providing visual reminders of laminated sheets listing the guidelines strategically placed in the middle of their cooperative groups.  The leaders of the teams are responsible for enforcing those rules and communicating when they need my assistance using the color coded cups.  Preparation and practice are ingredients for successful teaming.

  Project Based Learning
  Student Ownership: Project Based Learning
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Conflict Summary

Unit 6: Challenging Characters
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT identify and describe four types of conflict in literature.

Big Idea: Students understand how multiple perspectives are structured in literary text.

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English / Language Arts, conflict, protagonist, antagonist (Literature), charcter vs nature, charcter vs. self, character vs., character vs. society
  60 minutes
examples of conflicts
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