Reflection: Checks for Understanding Biography: Taking Brief Notes (Day 3) - Section 2: Independent Practice


What makes a fact interesting? I had to ask students what made particular facts they listed interesting. Sometimes they decided a fact was not interesting and erased it. Interesting is subjective. That means I had to consider the personality of the student to understand why they thought a particular fact was interesting. In the attached student work, the student found it interesting that Elizabeth Blackwell carried her brother over her head. To an eight-year-old girl with an older brother, this would be interesting. This was a perfect reminder to myself that students are not professional writers, but third graders with a third grade view of the world. What is important is that they are able to gather, sort, and justify information.

  Checks for Understanding: Interesting to Whom?
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Biography: Taking Brief Notes (Day 3)

Unit 1: Biography Tea
Lesson 6 of 17

Objective: SWBAT gather information from print sources, take brief notes, and sort evidence into provided categories in a step book.

Big Idea: Students continue gathering information to learn about their chosen famous person and write an informational essay. In this lesson, they focus on interesting facts.

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