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I planned this unit with the intention of having these lessons very repetitive.  In the past, I have found decomposing numbers to be a difficult concept for my students.  I hoped that the repetitive lessons and giving each number its own day would give the students time to understand and practice the concept.  After the first 5 lessons, I have found the students to be getting a little bored.  I found a book for decomposing the number 7 and am going to incorporate it into tomorrow's lesson to change it up while still keeping a similar routine.

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Ways to Make 6- A Lesson on Decomposing

Unit 8: Addition
Lesson 13 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to decompose the number 6.

Big Idea: Students will learn what it means to represent a number in different ways and will begin to explore decomposing numbers.

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Math, addition, decomposing numbers, Critical Area
  55 minutes
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