Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Types of Triangles - Section 1: Student Exploration Part 1


I act on every opportunity I get to support student-led inquiry. Here, Exploring Right Angles, two girls are developing a definition for right angles. I then ask: Can a triangle have two right angles? 

To provide them with a hands-on learning opportunity for them to explore this further, I grabbed geoboard and rubber bands! The students eventually arrived at the conclusion that triangles can only have one right angle: Exploring Right Angles

  Student Led Inquiry: Using Tools
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Types of Triangles

Unit 8: Geometry
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT classify triangles.

Big Idea: Students will classify triangles into groups and will later determine the attributes of different triangle types.

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Math, supplementary angles, angles, Triangles, angles (Constructions), quadrilateral, classifying triangles, angle identification, complementary angles, Polygon, shapes
  100 minutes
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