Reflection: Student Ownership How does your favorite character respond to challenging situations? - Section 4: Student Feedback


     Student feedback is very helpful for the teacher to plan future lessons.  It is a type of formative assessments that require students to give specific feedback because they are writing short or long responses on a questionnaire with blank lines.  Often times, multiple choice surveys or assessment rubrics do not allow students to elaborate on their answers. Using the exit slips in this lesson, I was amazed at the honest communication as well as the student voice that came through as I read these exit slips.

  Ticket Out the Door
  Student Ownership: Ticket Out the Door
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How does your favorite character respond to challenging situations?

Unit 6: Challenging Characters
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT describe how characters in a story react to conflict and challenges.

Big Idea: Developing reasonable interpretation of text and evidence to support your interpretation

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