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I actually was afraid that it may be difficult to work on this web because it may indeed feel as if this work is happening in a vacuum. However, I do think it may be more difficult to come up with these examples in the middle of their drafting. I know that students will be very reluctant to pause in the middle of their drafting to work on purposely using these strategies. I hoped that if they take this time to come up with some examples, these would be ready and available to insert in the right place as they draft. This is the first time I have students work like this, by having them basically brainstorm examples for all these devices in one sitting. I had several students who were reluctant and only came up with one or two examples. However, I did have others who pushed themselves to come up with multiple examples, such as the student with the paper I discuss in the video, and they now have the valuable resource I hoped they would have. I didn’t have this example to share with them before starting, but in the future, I would absolutely show them successful examples to inspire them to give this a shot.

  Trusting That What Comes Out of the Web Is Worth the Struggle
  Perseverance: Trusting That What Comes Out of the Web Is Worth the Struggle
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Planning And Organizing Final Writing Assignment, A Speech/Talk

Unit 11: Speech/Talk
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: SWBAT plan and organize their final writing assignment by brainstorming effective devices and outlining ideas.

Big Idea: Students need time to organize their ideas before jumping into a draft.

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