Reflection: Accountability Whole Class Writer's Workshop - Section 3: Bonus Points!


In a word, YES!  This was probably the most productive writer's workshop of the year, which may have had something to do with it being the end of the year, and some of my students are desperate for points before their grades become final.

So what I have learned about bonus points is this:  when you are a teacher who remains rather miserly with doling them out, it becomes a real occasion when you do. Students tend to sit up and take notice.  Thus, my advice to any teacher considering how to work in incentives for your students is to save the bonus points for the times when you really need your students to focus on a task.

  Bonus Points = Student Motivation?
  Accountability: Bonus Points = Student Motivation?
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Whole Class Writer's Workshop

Unit 13: To Kill A Mockingbird Part III
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: With guided practice, SWBAT begin writing a rough draft for an argument essay about whether or not To Kill a Mockingbird should be required reading.

Big Idea: Step by step, nothing in writing is impossible!

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