Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Comparing Graphic Novel to Film to Analyze Caesar's Assassination - Section 3: Short Writing


Why exit slips?  I think it's important to pay attention to our students and how they are processing the material in the lessons.  If we ask them to reflect, and if we pay attention to what they say, then we not only can fine tune our teaching but we can also build a culture of mutual respect based on listening.  Doing so in writing gives them added practice in crystallizing their thoughts (W.9-10.10). 

Student comments.  As I asked the students to comment on the value of the graphic novel, I found it interesting that a few students not only did not find it useful, but they were confused by the format, as noted in their critical comments.  As I examined the names on the slips, I saw that these are my more readerly types of students, so the addition of the graphic was probably extraneous for them.  However, most of the students said that the graphic novel really helped them: positive comments about graphic novel.  For this, this is a little bit unnerving because the bulk of the students seemed to suggest that the graphic novel is better.  A portion of students commented on the issue of representation (RL.9-10.7) that was the focus for the lesson. 

  Intrinsic Motivation: Student Comments on Graphic Novel
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Comparing Graphic Novel to Film to Analyze Caesar's Assassination

Unit 11: Analyzing Rhetoric in Julius Caesar and Contemporary Speeches
Lesson 9 of 16

Objective: SWBAT compare visualizations of Caesar's assassination by comparing the graphic novel version with the film version of the same scene.

Big Idea: Examining Caesar's assassination across media is a great way to deepen understanding.

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positive comments about graphic novel
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