Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Combining Transformations Formative Assessment Lesson Completed - Section 1: Warm-Up


My introduction was a bit lengthy but I wanted to follow the lesson plan and I wanted to review a few of the most commonly missed card matches from the previous day.  I feel it was a beneficial discussion among my students and really helped to clear up a few misconceptions.  One major misconception was on the assessment they were about to complete as the post assessment.  When completing the same assessment as a pre-assessment they were very confused about which shape to transform in question one.  I wanted them to understand before taking the post assessment that each transformation began with the original given pre-image.  The reflections across diagonal lines (y = x and y = -x) were also the most commonly missed card matches and I wanted to review these card matches in detail to prepare for the post assessment.  Taking pictures of the posters with my I-Pad was a great way to share the images in discussion today.

  Discourse and Questioning: Delivery - Discourse and Questioning
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Combining Transformations Formative Assessment Lesson Completed

Unit 6: Transformations
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Objective: This lesson is intended to help you assess how well students are able to recognize and visualize transformations of 2D shapes. Also assess how well students can translate, reflect, and rotate shapes and combine these transformations.

Big Idea: Engaging, hands-on activity asking students to apply transformations to map one image to another, multiple correct answers.

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representing and combining transformations formative assessment lesson completed
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