Reflection: Co-Teaching The Element of a Finished Product - Section 3: Sharing of Books


An additional way to use the Elements of Literature dictionaries is to share them with students at the 3rd and 4th grade level.  One year, I was helping another teacher out by watching her class, and we had just completed our literature dictionaries.  Because it was spur of the moment, I had the kids share their dictionaries and the younger students really enjoyed them. It's nice for the "future 5th graders" to interact and ask questions about an activity they may do one day.  It's also great to mix grade levels together from time to time.

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The Element of a Finished Product

Unit 3: Literary Elements from the Island
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: TSWBAT unpack comprehensive knowledge from the lessons to create an Elements of Literature Dictionary.

Big Idea: Locating the elements in one place will be a fabulous resource!

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English / Language Arts, theme (Writing), imagery, mood, literary device
  70 minutes
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