Reflection: Joy Character Analysis: Brutus' Conscience and Caesar's Danger - Section 3: Wrap up


Independent Reading Motivation.  During class, the students have been working pretty hard on their paraphrasing work of Shakespeare.  At home, I am hoping that they are enjoying their books.  I am taking a bit of time personally to ask how this is going, but it's not a formal part of the lesson. Still, I am letting them know that these books are important, and I'm trying to get a read on each of them to see if they are reading and enjoying the books.  Many of them are reading longer and more difficult books than they typically would read, and they seem to be enjoying them.  These are book/movie combinations, so I am also planting the idea that they will need to have the book done in about 10 days, at which we will do our end-of-year project on the books as we compare the books/movies in an essay and digital story. 

  Independent Reading
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Character Analysis: Brutus' Conscience and Caesar's Danger

Unit 11: Analyzing Rhetoric in Julius Caesar and Contemporary Speeches
Lesson 6 of 16

Objective: SWBAT explain Shakespeare's characterization of Brutus by paraphrasing poetic language and by questioning the text in groups.

Big Idea: Students gain greater control of reading Shakespeare by working in groups in a 1:1 computer setting.

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